Donetsk for tourists (Euro 2012)

Welcome to the Donetsk Coach for tourists and foreign businessmen. We hope that you will find the information within this site useful. This site can help you to find an interpreter, to have a city tour, to organize meetings and to plan trips all over Donetsk region and for a short period to be able to speak Russian. What you have to do is to contact us on ++380676281828, ++380623111543 or to write on two weeks before your visit.

We hope you will find something of interest within this site as we have tried to cater for everyone, whether you are visiting Donetsk as a tourist or business person. Please feel free to send us your feedback as constructive criticism is always welcome. We hope you enjoy your visit. If there is anything new that you would like to see on this site then please let us know as we are always open to suggestions. For informational assistance and distant interpreter call: +38-067-628-18-28 Ukraine Country Code: +38 (must be dialed from outside Ukraine)

Donetsk City Code: 062(2) (must be dialed from other regions of Ukraine or when using a cell phone) Telephone numbers shown below are local numbers and can be dialed as shown when in the local area.

- Airport, Train and Bus Stations in Donetsk
Donetsk Airport
Inquiry Office: (062)332-00-67, 338-52-00

Donetsk Train Station
Inquiry Office: 005, (062)305-40-59, (0622)91-52-57

Bus stations in Donetsk
Yuzhniy Bus Station: inquiry – (0622)66-51-19, dispatcher – (0622)66-41-23
Putilovskiy Bus Station: inquiry – (062)312-05-09, dispatcher – (062)312-06-58
Krytiy Rynok: inquiry – (062)305-30-31, dispatcher – (062)305-30-31
- how to book a taxi and how much it costs: contact us on ++380676281828, ++380623111543; you can find useful following sites:,,, There are taxi services but unfortunately you can speak with them without us.

- 1-st Taksopark
- 3859292,
- 8-050-3489392,
- 8-067-6259292
- - Blues
- 054, 3810403,
- 3810102,
- 8-050-5855858,
- 8-063-1546688

- - Voyage
- 050, 3813223,
- 3813729,
- 8-050-3477347,
- 8-067-6214131

- - Gorodskoye
- 058, 3053344,
- 3051213,
- 8-050-7675584,
- 8-067-6245615

- - Dial+
- 068, 3344000,
- 3373464,
- 8-050-5806801,
- 8-067-7040209

- - Lux
- 082, 3810606,
- 8-050-6068989,
- 8-067-96788998

- - Life
- 067, 3867777,
- 3337777,
- 8-050-2327777,
- 8-063-6182377

- - Soyuz
- 085, 3859898,
- 8-050-3473085,
- 8-067-6253040

- how to book city tour:
Your Individual Trip

As an individual traveler, you may want to have a comprehensive plan for your tour prepared in advance, or to enjoy the freedom of taking decisions on the spot, with no particular plan at all. In either case, Discover Ukraine Network can help you make the trip comfortable and relaxing. We can assist you distantly, or provide a full-time guide who would travel with you everywhere; we can make all in-country arrangements before your trip, and we can work with you in advance to help you fashion exactly the sort of special adventure you'd like, while keeping it efficient and reasonably priced.

Before the trip

Our service team will help you plan your route and create the most suitable daily itinerary of your trip. It will contain all the details of transportation and lodging facilities, daily activities and visits, meals and entertainment programs. All the travel arrangements will be made beforehand, so that you can easily finalize your agreements with local service companies or individuals listed in the itinerary, when you are in Ukraine.

DU Network can make your trip really relaxing and enjoyable if you decide to continue working with us during your trip. Then, our workers will take care of any details or changes in your trip itinerary, so you will not need to worry about anything - just relax and enjoy your Ukrainian adventure.

During the trip

When you enter Ukraine, you can take advantage of having a distant assistant who will always be ready to receive your call and secure any changes of your trip plan by making all necessary travel arrangements distantly.

Many individual travelers appreciate the first-day assistance service. Our team worker can meet you in the airport (station) on the day of arrival to Ukraine and provide all the necessary assistance - transfer from the airport, signing into hotel or apartment, assistance with local currency, help with bank/ATM operations, making phone calls, doing shopping, etc. This person will also give you all the in-country transportation tickets puchased for you beforehand, if this was a part of the before-trip arrangements service.

Additionally to the distant assistance in making all trip arrangements, you can use a distant interpreter, who will stay in touch with you by cell phone to make translations distantly whenever necessary. This service presents a perfect solution to those travelers who would not like to hire a full-time interpreter for their trip.

If you feel like having someone who will take care of every detail of your daily plan and will always be at hand to interpret for you during your meetings, you can have a full-time local interpreter-assistant and guide who will travel with you everywhere.
Please, survey descriptions of our services and costs, and contact us to share about your vision of the trip. We'll do our best to help you make it really special. Also, you are welcome to study our offer of service packages, which were developed to simplify you the task of selecting the right services for your trip.

Special Interest Tours

Perhaps you are interested in discovering specific geographical, historical, social, natural or cultural sites of Ukraine. Discover Ukraine Network can help you create a specialized tour which will meet all of your interests and needs.

Your trip plan will be designed as an individual trip, a family vacation or as a group tour. We will create a daily and hourly plan of the tour, which will include multiple activities, visits and sightseeing to satisfy both - your vacation preferences and the activities related to a particular area of your interest.

The tour ideas listed below are examples of the most frequently requested tours. We are not limited to these options - any other, unique tours can be developed at your request.

Slavic Culture Tour

Gourmand Tour

Health Tour

Art Collectors Tour

Photographers Tour

Churches and Castles of Ukraine

Rural Tourism in Ukraine

Festivals and Fairs

Backpackers Trip to Mountains

Educational Tour

Romance Tour

Each tour program is optional. It can be designed and modified depending on the length of the tour, the choice of particular places to go, number of people taking the tour, preferences for transportation and lodging facilities, season of the year, tour participants' individual requests, etc. Please, write or call us directly to ask any questions about your trip to Ukraine.

-what places are to be visited:

Visiting the city stadium in Artyom Street you can see the statue of Sergey Bubka in front of the stadium.
Sergey Bubka is a famous Olympic champion, a pole vault jumper, an IOC member, Hero of Ukraine, who lives and works in Donetsk. I think this is the only monument to a living Ukrainian hero at present.
The inscription at the foot of the monument runs, Sergey Bubka, outstanding sportsman of the 20th century, multiple World and Olympic Champion. Joseph Cobzon monument near the “Youth Palace” concert hall in Cheliuskintsev Street is another monument to an outstanding contemporary.
The monument is very democratic and has no pedestal. The statue’s left hand is well polished by the people who have their photo taken. The monument to Archangel St.Michael located in front of an Orthodox Cathedral in the main street was brought from Kiev where it used to stand in Independence Square, the capital’s main square. Another must-see monument is Lenin monument in Lenin Square. I would say it’s one of the biggest Lenin monuments in Ukraine. Its height is about 15 meters I guess.
You can approach it from different angles and take a lucky picture of it and the obelisk with Lenin’s words on how important the Donetsk Basin is.
Walk along the Calmius embankment and then up to Lenin Square and Artyom Street, the main thoroughfare of the city. You will see a copy of the Czar Cannon that stands in the Kremlin in Moscow.
This is the exact copy of the Czar Cannon.
It was commissioned in Izhevsk, Russia, in 2001 and was presented to the people of the Donets Basin as a symbol of the inviolable friendship of the Russian and the Ukrainian peoples.
The Ukrainian version of the Czar Cannon stands in Artyom Street - the central street of Donetsk.
Who would have thought that copies of the old unique monuments are possible!
Walking along Pushkin Boulevard you will forget you are in a huge industrial city.
The boulevard is about two kilometers long is a must for visitors of Donetsk.
This is where you will not miss the enchanting beauty of its downtown.
You can start behind the Russian Drama Theater at Pushkin bust and proceed to Shevchenko monument.
The monument to Taras Shevchenko, The Bard of Ukraine (on the picture) stands in front of the Regional Administration building. Take a look at the monument to Archangel St.Michael that was brought to Donetsk from Kiev. Archangel Michael is the patron saint of the Ukrainian Capital and now it stands in Artyom Street as a symbol of the Ukrainian Renaissance.
The statue stands in front of an Orthodox Cathedral built recently in the main street.Our cab driver explained to us during our city tour that the cathedral was given a lucky space in the main street. That space had been banned from any construction site for years.
The thing is the public garden located there was built at the place of a former Nazi cemetery. Several years ago the City Council adopted a resolution the beginning of the construction of a new cathedral, thus destroying all the graves of the Nazis who fell in 1943 when the city was liberated from the invaders by the Soviet Army.
You can marvel at some other city monuments:
Lenin monument in Lenin Square has already been mentioned. It is worth visiting as one of the huge (remaining) Lenin monuments of Ukraine.
You can see a 42-meter-high (138 feet) pylon with an inscription that quotes Lenin,“The Donets Basin is not an accidental district, it’s a district without which the cause of socialist development would be a mere wish.”You can also see Taras Shevchenko monument in front of the building of Donetsk Regional Administration in the main street.
The war memorials deserve special mentioning, among them the Liberators Memorial in the form of a T-34 tank, like in many other Ukrainian towns and cities.
The monument to the famous Ukrainian opera singer Anatoly Solovyanenko, a native of Donetsk, located near the Opera and Ballet Theater looks very special.

- how to entertain in Donetsk

Exhibition Center “Expo-Donbass”
189v, Cheluskintsev St., Donetsk
Tel: (0622)57-77-45

Museum of Regional History
189a, Cheluskintsev St., Donetsk
Tel: (062)311-07-57

Museum of Art
35, Pushkin Ave, Donetsk
Tel: (062)304-83-03

Donetsk State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after A.B. Solovyanenko
82, Artema St., Donetsk
Tel: (062)338-09-69, 305-38-01

Donetsk Academic Ukrainian Musical-Dramatic Theater
74a, Arteme St., Donetsk
Tel: (062)305-32-66, 305-32-13, 305-28-63

18, Ilyicha Ave, Donetsk
Tel: (0622)95-72-85

Circus “Kosmos”
2, Stadionnaya St., Donetsk
Tel: (0622)66-51-89, 66-41-01

Donetsk Planetarium
165, Artema St., Donetsk
Tel: (062)311-12-48

Donetsk Philharmonic Center named after S.S. Prokof’yev
117, Postyshev St., Donetsk
Tel: (062)305-07-24

Cinema “Multiplex”, Trade center “Donetsk-city”
130, Artema St., Donetsk
Tel: (062)206-62-18

Theater of Cinema named after T.G. Shevchenko
123, Artema St., Donetsk
Tel: (062)337-31-58, 305-30-75

restaurants and cafes in Donetsk:
- There are various restaurants located in or around the center of the city, such as:
- Legenda - Russian Cuisine
- The Golden Lion - An Irish Pub
- Tequila Boom - A Mexican Restaurant
- Shato - Russian Cuisine
- Marakesh - A Moroccan Restaurant
- Netske - A Chinese Restaurant (2 грн. for a pair of chopsticks, so bring your own)
- Tri Tolstjaka - Western Style Restaurant
- Yakitoriya - Sushi bar
- Latin Quarter - Same style as Tri Tolstjaka

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